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4 Must-Have Things for A Successful Business Launch

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

So, you’ve decided to launch a business. Maybe you've started small already or you just have an idea floating around that you are ready to take the plunge on. You might even already have a successful business but are ready to step up your marketing game to help you grow. In any case, knowing where to start can be frustrating and overwhelming. Don’t sweat it. Below are the 4 must-have items to launch your business successfully.

An Eye-Catching Logo & Colors That Mean Something

First things, first-- you have to pick something (semi) permanent that represents your brand perfectly that you will keep forever. Nerve-wracking? It doesn't have to be. A logo and the colors that accompany it establish your brand so that you can start to be recognized visually by your customers and your industry. This is the label of your brand that people will make the fastest connection with and most likely remember first. Colors might not seem important but they are what people make an emotional connection with and will lead to how they feel about your brand.

A Value Proposition That Sets You Apart

You most likely aren’t the first to have a business like yours so what sets you apart from your competition? What makes you different and why do you do what you do? Creating a value proposition statement is the first step in letting potential customers know why they should choose you over everyone else in your industry. A value proposition is more than just a “slogan” -- it’s how you talk about yourself and ultimately your “sell” as a company.

What You're Selling & How Much Are You Selling It For

Okay, great. So you’ve got this great idea for a company, a passion for your work and maybe even a company name, but what specific product or service will you be offering? Not only do you need to know how to talk about/frame what you are selling, you need to be able to have a good pricing structure that makes sense, not only to you but to your customers. Does your price point match your work and is it competitive in your industry? Does it make sense on a price/unit level (if that applies to you)? Do you give discounts for bundling more than one service or product? These are all important questions to ask yourself so you can be ready to stand behind your pricing. It’s also helpful to have a set structure so that you know your own worth and can be prepared to walk away if you feel like you are being low-balled.

An Online Presence That Shows You're Legit

Have you ever heard of business via word of mouth but couldn’t find anything about them when you did a basic google search? Yeah...don’t be that business. Whether it is a website, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, you need some sort of presence online. In today’s culture, customers place trust in a company that they can find online and research themselves above a company that they can find no information on. A reputable company should, at a minimum, be able to be found via a local google search. Having a website is the most easily reached online presence because “googling” is a free action anyone can take and they do not need a profile on a specific site (i.e. social media sites) to do research. Social profiles can be used as well but you should decide which platforms are right for your business type and put your focus in the right areas. Using both a website and social profiles in conjunction together will give you the best payoff and get you recognized across the board. Remember: the more you can be found online (that makes sense for your company), the more trust you earn with potential customers.

Taking care of these 4 items before you launch your business (or when you want to take the next big step) will propel your company and give you new visibility that will help you grow.

Still feeling overwhelmed? That’s where CAT comes in. We are experts Set up a consultation with us today and let us help you get launch-ready and put your best foot forward in your new adventure!